13th Year Promise Scholarship

The 13th Year Promise Scholarship is designed to remove the economic barriers to education. The “Promise” is that graduating seniors from Garfield High School who fulfill all the program requirements will have tuition covered throughout their first year of attendance at Seattle Central College.

In addition to free tuition for your first year at Seattle Central, you will receive a host of support services to help you successfully transition from high school to college.

To be eligible you will need to complete the following by January 31, 2018:
1. Foundation Scholarship General Application

If you are a current Garfield High School senior interested in applying for the 13th Year program, be sure to indicate that you attend Garfield High School and your graduation year.

After completing this application please complete the following required steps:
2. Submit the FAFSA or WASFA
3. Apply to Seattle Central College

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the 13th Year coordinator at 13thyear.central@seattlecolleges.edu or 206.934.3816.